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Domain Names News

  1. Carmella Savanello (AKA Millie) has left the building but before her passing the inspiring matriarch of the Neu family left us with an invaluable parting gift.
  2. The new weekly domain sales report is out at Just as we have seen in past years, short .coms are leading the sales charge in 2019.
  3. If you weren't able to make it to the NamesCon Global 2019 conference in Las Vegas, a detailed new report will give you all the key details you missed.
  4. After being away for NamesCon last week we bring you totally up to date on domain sales data we have collected over the past two weeks.
  5. In trying to find words that could convey the sense of loss so many felt after Charlotte Gilbert's passing we realized there are none but we celebrate what she gave us.